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FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )
1What are the courses offered in Mayuri Multimedia?
  • VFX
2 What is the minimum qualification need for these courses?

Minimum qualification 10th or +2 in any stream. There are different courses and course duration from 1 Month to 2 years. Students can choose any course according to their interest and qualification. As per approval of NCVTE, the Govt. of India, the eligibility condition for admission into various courses shall be minimum of 10th STD or equivalent in School / Intermediate / Senior Secondary (+2) / Graduation/ Post Graduation or Equivalent., in any State / Central / Private Board.

ITI/Degree/Master/BBA/MBA/MCA/Engineering degree /Diploma/BCA etc...

3Why to study at Mayuri Multimedia?
  • First Govt. Affiliated Multimedia & Animation Institute in Odisha that MSME Registered and NCVTE Affiliated.
  • 13th (+) Years of the establishment
  • 100% Placement Guarantee.
  • 1000(+) students are placed in all over India.
  • Trained and experienced Faculty makes students from raw to experts.
  • Best State-of-Art Infrastructure having all facilities for a Successful Learning Environment for students.
  • Smart Lab with Creative and Innovative Methods of teaching that make learning fun and easy to learn.
  • ISO9001:2015 Certified Institute.
  • Reasonable Course Fees.
  • Internship during the study period.
  • Providing a Part-Time Job to economically poor students to complete his or her studies.
  • Learn Today & Earn Tomorrow.
4 Do you Provide 100% job placement Assistance?

Mayuri Multimedia Provides 100% placement assistance. When you complete your course successfully, the Placement Cell helps you get direct or online interviews in your end or at Institute with different major companies & studios in the Media & Entertainment industry. These Industries hire candidates in Wide range of job roles.

5 How is Mayuri Multimedia different from other animation centres?
  • Mayuri Multimedia gives the academy guarantee to the students in quality teachings with 100% output of studies and Groom every student from raw to multimedia experts. When you complete your study, you will be introduced to reputed Industries, Companies in the world Depending on the creativity & capacity, you will receive different salaries. accordingly.
  • In other centres, after completing the training, you will have to go through more training courses of the company to be able to continue.
  • Provided Basic and intensive training program to the students and create each batch of study according their students IQ level.
  • Provided High quality learning service in easy process that every student can able to understand.
6Is it possible to study part-time at Mayuri Multimedia?

Yes! As your convenience & choice, Mayuri Multimedia has designed a course teaching time table that allows you to pursue a career course along with your general education or job. There are different time slots allotted by our academic team from morning 7 a.m. to Evening 7 p.m. This course can be completed by attending classes for 2 hours a day, 3 days a week.

7Are there any courses for working professionals?

Yes! Now a days the Multimedia & Animation is occupy the front bench for digital life. Mayuri Multimedia gives the opportunities to update your skills & knowledge for making digital life of each & support making India Digitalized by offering various short-term courses for businessperson to grow business by digital Marketing and for working professionals.

8Is there any age limitation?

There is no age bar for learning. We at Mayuri Multimedia encourages all students of every age group to join this course to fulfil their dreams.

9I wish to join Mayuri Multimedia. How do I join?

Fill the enquiry form or give a missed call on 9583596289 and let us know what course you want to looking for. Mayuri Multimedia's career counsellors will help you with the admissions process.

10What are the facilities and infrastructure available at Mayuri Multimedia?

Mayuri Multimedia provides Job oriented training with the latest infrastructure & state-of-the-art facilities. Mayuri Multimedia centres offer the best equipment to deliver just like working in a real animation and VFX studio. The labs have industry-standard technology & latest software is installed for students to practice. Students get high-quality learning aids like books, CDs & study material and provide internship in the time of study to learn the right techniques & practice with industrial experience for new skills in Animation & VFX. For any queries please call 9439670048, 9583596289.

11How does Mayuri Multimedia help students to get placement?

Mayuri Multimedia not only provides Animation & VFX teachings but also provides the training of personality development, Spoken English, group discussion and interview facing classes also to develop the 360-degree development of each & every student. So that students are prepare for job interviews with self-confidence, leadership skills, communication and team building abilities. By the help of expert faculty, Students prepare projects, videos & a demo reel of their work before venturing out for interviews at various studios and Media & entertainment Industries. Centre also organised time to time the on-campus placements through job fairs & campus placement drives to help students get suitable jobs after successful completion of course.

12Where can I get job after completing a course at Mayuri Multimedia?

After completing a course at Mayuri Multimedia, you could work with :

  • Design studios
  • Print & Publishing Industries
  • Website development companies
  • Ad production houses
  • Multimedia production houses
  • Television production houses
  • Television channels
  • Animation studios
  • Film Industries
  • VFX Production House
  • Ad production houses
  • Gaming companies
  • E-learning companies
  • Ecommerce websites
  • Digital marketing companies
  • Teaching professional
13What is Multimedia & Digital Design?

Multimedia & Digital Design is the art of integrating multiple forms of media and prepare you to make career in graphics, web designing, print and publishing sector. This training makes you creative designer that how symbols, images, letters can be used as visual communication and information to audience. It is used in background painting in video games, Animated Movies, Websites and other multimedia interactive field.

14What is Animation?

Animation is an art of form in which inanimate objects or characters are brought into life by sequencing the draw images.

15What is the course duration for animation?

The duration varies depending on the course you want to choose. The various Animation courses duration at Mayuri Multimedia are :

  • Advance Diploma in 3D Animation Program - 2 Years
  • Advance Diploma in 3D Animation Film Making Program – 1.5 Years
  • Diploma in 3d animation program – 1 Year
  • 3D Max Pro. – 6 Months
  • 3D MAYA Pro. – 6 Months
16What is the fee of 3 D Animation course?

The fees of various animation courses are different depending on the course what course you have to select at Mayuri Multimedia. Course fee may be changed according to the decision of the management.

  • Advance Diploma in 3D Animation Program - 2 Years
    (Fee Range: - ₹ 1.5 lakhs - 2 lakhs*)

  • Advance Diploma in 3D Animation Film Making Program – 1.5 Years
    (Fee Range: - ₹ 1.5 lakhs – 1.6 lakhs*)

  • Diploma in 3d animation program – 1 Year
    (Fee Range: - ₹ 1 lakh – 1.5 lakhs*)

  • 3D Max Pro. – 6 Months
    (Fee Range: - ₹ 50,000 – 1 lakh*)

  • 3D MAYA Pro. – 6 Months
    (Fee Range: - ₹ 50,000 – 1 lakh*)

17What are the career options in animation and gaming industries?

On completing an animation career course at Mayuri Multimedia you may work as :

  • 2D Illustrator
  • 3D Modeler
  • Character Designer
  • BG Artist
  • Layout Artist
  • 3D Animator
  • 2D Animator
  • Rigging Artist
  • Texturing Artist
  • Lighting Artist
  • Rendering Artist
  • Storyboard Artist
  • 3D Dynamics & Fx Artist
  • 3D Film Making Artist
  • Freelancer
18What is the fee of 2D Animation?

The fee may vary depending on the course & duration of 2D Animation at Mayuri Multimedia.

  • Advanced Diploma in 2D Animation Program - 1 year
    (Fee Range: - ₹ 80,000 – 1 lakh)
  • 2D Animation Program – 4 Months
    (Fee Range: - ₹ 20,000 – 30,000)
19Do I need to Fine Art for an animation course?

Yes, you need Fine art. Mayuri Multimedia provides special class for Fine Art with Animation course by hiring expert faculty from Art & craft colleges twice in a week.

20What is Visual Effect (VFX)
  • VISUAL EFFECTS usually involve the integration of live action footage with Computer Generated Imaginary (CGI) environments, which look realistic to the audiences. The present Media and Entertainment industries has extensively been used Visual Effects & Animation to create realistic-looking fantastic scenarios. It is a way of mixing real film shooting with false or animated images. For instance, a movie that shows the hero jumping off the ground and flying into the air, is created using VFX. VFX has made it easy for almost all filmmakers to use VFX in their movies.
  • VISUAL EFFECTS today play a key role in feature films, television programmes, animation, video games, commercials and almost all forms of Media and entertainment where there you have seen by the action sequences of Transformer, Harry Potter, 2.O, Krish 3, Ra-One and thousands of VFX Film.
  • Mayuri Multimedia Provide this course and covers all the subjects from the very basic to advance level, that will help you to enhance your skills and meet industry requirements. We also provide studio-like environment for practical training sessions to get the same experience as a professional VFX artist.
  • 21What are the career options in VFX?
    • Storyboard Artist
    • Tracking Artist
    • Video Editor
    • VFX Artist
    • VFX Compositor
    • VFX Designer
    • 3D Asset Artist
    • Motion Graphic Artist
    • BG Preparation Artist
    • Pre-visualization Artist
    • Roto & Paint Artist
    • Roto & Roto-prep Artist
    • Rotomation Artist
    • Match moving Artist
    • Clean-up Artist,
    22What is the fee of VFX course?

    The fee may vary depending on the course & duration according your

    • Advance Diploma in Visual Effects Program – 2 years
      (Fee Range: - ₹ 2 lakhs – 2.5 lakhs*)
    • Diploma in Visual Effects Program - 1 Year
      (Fee Range: - ₹ 1 lakh – 1.5 lakhs*)
    • Advance Compositing Program - 1 Year
      (Fee Range: - ₹ 1 lakh – 1.5 lakhs*)
    • Diploma in Audio/Video Editing – 6 Months
      (Fee Range: - ₹ 50,000 – 70,000)
    23What is Gaming?

    Gaming is one of the most rewarding industry. The Gaming Program at Mayuri Multimedia educates the students in the areas of digital media, digital arts, HCI (Human Computer Interaction), History and Theory of Games/Gaming, 2D and 3D graphics, simulation and modelling, user interface design, storytelling and narrative architecture, current best practices/developments in game design, on-line games, casual games, mobile games, educational games, serious and strategy games etc.

    24What is the fee of Game Design course?

    Diploma in digital game design and integration program is available at Mayuri Multimedia.

  • DDGDI PRO. – 1.5 Years
    (Fee Range: - ₹ 1.5 lakhs – 2 lakhs*)
  • 25What is Broadcast Design?

    Broadcast Design is really just motion graphics, animation, and the like that is done for television. With the way we consume media rapidly changing, television now means television, streaming services, and sites like YouTube. Broadcast design plays a key role in creating broadcast branding and building connections to viewers. Through the use of creative scenic design, precision lighting design and detailed motion graphics, broadcast design professionals play a vital role in shaping the look and feel of TV news broadcasts, entertainment shows, sports broadcasts or any other broadcast.

    26What are the career options in broadcast?

    On completing a broadcast course with Mayuri Multimedia, you may work as :

    • Broadcast Designer
    • 3D Motion Graphics Artist
    • Broadcast Animator
    • Compositor
    • Videographer
    • UI Designer
    • Storyboard Artist
    27What are the career options in Web, Graphics & Digital Design industries?
    • Illustrator
    • Visualizer
    • Web Designer
    • Web Developer
    • Graphic Designer
    • UI Designer
    • Layout Designer
    • Flash Animator
    • Flash Designer
    28What are the career options in digital marketing & design?

    On completing digital marketing & designing course with Mayuri Multimedia, you may work as :

    • Social Media Analyst
    • Digital Marketing Executive
    • Digital Sales Executive
    • Digital Graphic Designer
    • Content Marketing Executive
    • Illustrator
    • Audio Video Editor
    • SEO Executive
    • SEM Executive
    • Web & PPC Analyst
    • Online Reputation Management Executive
    • Freelance Digital Marketer
    29What do mean by 3D Architectural Design & Visualization?

    3D Architectural Design& Visualisation is the art and science of enhancing the interior/exterior of a building to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space. In Interior / Exterior rendering is one such value-added service that has grown with economy and technological advancement of construction and design industries. Using the tools Auto-CAD,3Ds Max with V-Ray & Texturing in Photoshop you create the high-end architectural models, walkthroughs & photorealistic effects to audience.

    30Who should do this Training?

    This Training is highly useful for engineers, mechanical contractors, architects, interior/exterior designers, builders, and everyone involved in the development of a project.

    31Why should someone do this Training?

    The construction and design industry seek for value-added and high-quality services to develop projects. The technology of 3D rendering is used to design interiors and exteriors for projects focused on commercial, residential, private, and government projects that require high-quality infrastructure which is supplemented by huge pools of investment. 3D interior & exterior rendering introduces light effects, ventilation proportions, aesthetics, texture, and acoustics in a design and creating virtual 3D models of architectural interior/exterior design Visualisation and transforming it into photorealistic images.

    32What are the Short -Term courses?

    There are very short & sweet career oriented short-term courses available at Mayuri Multimedia. All courses are ideal for both students and working professionals. If you want to start your career in the media and entertainment industry for jobs or own business in animation, VFX, web & graphics, digital design, and more to sharpen your skills in the latest media & entertainment or in another IT sector, these courses are perfect for you,. Why so late? Join Mayuri Multimedia soon after your 10+2 (any stream) to excel in the media and entertainment industry.